30sec film artists:30sec film artists is a art project that featuring artists on our YouTube channel, updates every week. We take you to witness the artists' creative moments. Alexandra Mackenzie (Petra Glynt) - Music and visual "All fall into the same world" Iskuhi Avagyan "thin, translucent layers of oil paint" Iveta Karpathyova "The principles of martial arts inspire my process" Melissa Crook "I like drawing nature and animals to bring a bit of that peace to me in the city" Libby Hague "Ideas come from what matters to you" Ana Jofre "I like my art to be a little bit ridiculous" Nick Chase - A glass artist influenced by natural and urban landscape Julie Gladstone "A lot of my work are inspired by urban grid and the textures of sidewalk" Roadsworth "I really had a lot of fun doing that" Sara Pearson "I often crave colours, that is where I start my search" Lin Wang - The art of Chinese calligraphy Lizz Aston "Transient patterns of light, colour and shadow" Anthony "Psychelation" - "The breeze penetrates the trees with flamelike beauty." Micah Adams "I like finding new uses for things"